Weigh In Results

My weigh in was last night. It was a good one – I was down 2.4 lbs. This brings my loss to 35.6 lbs. My weight is that of a strong Bacardi.
The results of this loss can be seen. I did a little shopping at The Rack on Wednesday. I wanted some shorts that fit – I found some in a size 10. Yeah a 10! I didn’t think I would be getting into a 10 for a while.
We had a guest speaker at the meeting. Our regular leader is on a vacation. She has a different style that Elton. She gave out lots of things – bravo stickers for any little acheivement, a block to remind us to exercise and a picture to remind us to look for the positive. It was a fun change.
This meeting we talked about obsticles to weight loss. Mine is red wine. I thought I had blown it after my red wine and appetizer night last week.
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One Response to Weigh In Results

  1. Tricia says:

    I had quit weight watchers for about 6 weeks because I wasn\’t doing well and the leader at the location I went to was not very inspiring at all.  My sister goes to a different location and her leader is awesome but when I first joined it was with a friend (who has also since quit).  Anyhow I rejoined on Saturday with my sister.  I had gained back some of my weight, I am down 10 pounds total since March which isn\’t great, but at least I didn\’t gain it all back!  I had gotten as high as 17 pounds lost so I gained back 7.  Anyway I\’m back on track now I think.  LOL

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