Various Events

The weekend was a fun one. I had my Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday. I weighed in at being up .6 of a pound, but then I realized I weighed in with my shoes on.
 I got home and my son is on my husbands lap. My son had a big scratch on his face. He had tried to pick up our scardy cat and it got him. We are now working on getting the cat to want to be in a room with humans again. Carl is ok with cats, but not too crazy about this one. My son has a good topic for conversation on his face.
Friday we went to the Bruce Hornsby concert at the zoo. It was wonderful. They played two sets and played "Mandolin Rain" twice, the way the original recording sounded and in the second set it was bluesy and sounded like it was in a different (if I remember my music theory right) mode.
We then went to a friends house and drank wine. My eating had been good that day until we got to the friends house. Then I drank a few glasses of wine, ate chips and other snacks. Oh well its done.
Saturday was a very lazy day (a result of the wine…) We did finally go to Costco and made another mistake. Both son and I were hungry going in – husband was not and convinced me that we could eat after shopping. Son starts shouting "Pizza" and is not happy with the samples. Husband goes off to look at the guy section. He then finds me in the food area and asks if I am done yet and wants to show me something. It is a childs electric car – we have two I do not think son needs another. Husband asks how much longer. After my rather cross answer, he then leaves quickly with son to go get in line for pizza. I finish shopping and check out. Pizza is ready when I get to the table – I am happy.
Sunday is swimming and more examination of the scratch. We stop in to see great-grandma. She listens to son tell the story of the scratch, then we translate.
In summary, Bruce Hornsby was great and pizza can calm a cranky 2 year old.
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