Ideas for Fish

With our efforts to lower our cholestoral, we have been eating a lot of fish. This Friday I bought some sole and cooked it up for dinners on Friday and Saturday. I like the flavor of sole and it doesn’t have many bones.
Friday night it cooked up all of the sole in the oven. For the portion we were eating Friday I added 1 teaspoon of grapeseed oil per fillet and sprinkled with dill and lemon pepper. For the portion for Saturday I only added the grapeseed oil.  I then cooked it in the oven at 400 for 20 min. Once it had cooled I put Saturdays portion in the refrigerator.
I served the fish with pasta with olive oil and parmesan cheese, broccolli and a salad.
Sole is very Weight Watchers points friendly – 6 oz is 4 points. I was also able to get my good oils in with the grapeseed on the fish and the olive oil on the pasta.
On Saturday I made fish tacos. I sprinkled the fish with a little red pepper flakes and cilantro and reheated it with the taco shells in the oven. We had salsa, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions and fat free yogurt (instead of sour cream) for the tacos.
When I bought the fish I was very lucky. Because of the time of day, I went to a nice out of the way grocery store that would put me on a track to skip the crummy Beaverton late afternoon traffic. God watched over me. This is the store I normally shop at:
I could have been one of the MANY with their tires slashed!
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