Rose Garden

On Friday, instead of walking the Zoo or mall or going to the Children’s Museum, Carl and I walked the Rose Garden in Washington Park. We took a lot of photos for my grandmother – who loves the roses but can no longer walk the garden.
I have posted them in my photo album. It was a beautiful walk.
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2 Responses to Rose Garden

  1. Tanya says:

    The photos look great!!  Have you ever been to the garden up in Victoria, BC?  It is amazing – has a ton of roses bushes but then other types of gardens too including a Japanese one and English one.

  2. Kim says:

    WOW Leslie the photos are great! I love roses! I have two rose bushes in my yard and absolutely love this time of year! Sounds like a nice walk! And I\’ll bet with that many roses around, you can smell them! Mmm!  OH YES! And Carl is a real cutie!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my space again! 🙂 Credit clean up is a pain in the butt I\’ll tell you. I have to stop letting these retailers talk me into opening accounts for the sake of saving so much money because in the end its just a chore to get rid of the stupid cards! Arghhh
    Enjoy your weekend, or whats left of it 🙂

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