The Fourth

We had a fun Independence Day. Becki and Kirk (we went to high school together) had a party at their place in Clackamas county. They have acreage and an older house they are restoring. We grilled and everyone brought a lot of good food. I planned ahead with my WW program, making a fruit salad with a lot of fresh berries from the garden, some grapes and cherries. I also made my stuffed tomatoes. Both were big hits. I also took a low fat brat and marinaded some portabello mushrooms. I used some olive oil (2 tsps per ‘shroom) and a little of my fat free dressing and salt. They were so good.
I was doing really well with the food issue except Becki had made these wonderful cookies. They were oatmeal with a variety of dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips and butterscotch morsels. Oh well – if I am going to blow my weight loss program I might as well blow it with something REALLY good. And were they REALLY good. Hopefully she will share the recipe and I can post it.
Their home is great. They just finished building a big barn for projects and to house their horses. Carl got to pet and feed the horses – that was a fun experience. Kirk plays guitar and showed Carl several of them – including one that he recently painted and refinished. The one that Carl liked best? The black acoustic. He also liked the guitar neon light.
Rich brought out the RC cars. They had a lot of fun with those.
The fireworks started early. Carl liked watching them  – and loved the loud noises. George brought some of the little poppers – you throw them on the ground for a spark and a snap. Carl thought they were fun. George gave him a few to try – it took him a few tries but he finally got one to work – then did his dance of joy with his hands up in the air. It was too cute. Kirk’s niece Tia also shared some sparklers with Carl – he liked those too. Next year I promise not to be such a wimp and will get him at least these fireworks.
Yesterday we took my niece Angelina to the zoo and spent the day with her (she is visiting from Everett). She is 16 and is so much fun. I gave her little tidbits of advice that she may or may not take.
1. always have a vailid passport – you never know when the opportunity to travel may arrive
2. If you can afford it live on campus at least one year of college
3. She is a beautiful smart talented young woman – guys are lucky to get to go out with her
The third came out of a conversation regarding the wedding of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman – she thought Nicole was the lucky one. While I agree that anyone that finds a good person to love is lucky, he is definately the luckier of the two. I pointed out how beautiful, classy and successful she is and that he has a big blotch against him with his past drug use. I also talked to her about how a woman needs to look at herself as a prize. Especially if she is as Angelina is. I don’t know if it will make a difference…
Tonight is WW Weigh in – I don’t think 7 cookies made me gain 30 pounds back – but I doubt I lost…
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One Response to The Fourth

  1. Tanya says:

    Sounds like you had a great 4th – and I think you had a good reason to cheat.  Who can resist all the good food on that day?  Hahahaha.  I\’m sure your weigh in will go fine – have a great Thursday!  ~Tanya

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