busy week

It has been a busy, fun time lately. We had some horrible heat here in Portland – over 100 for several days. I do appreciate our air conditioner.
Rich and I had our cholestoral tested. Mine was ok – only ok – it could have a bit lower LDL and higher HDL. Rich has pretty high triglycerides. The doctor (who didn’t know about my husbands passion for red wine and potato chips) thought it was hereditary and wanted him to start on fish oil and the recheck in 3 months. So we researched diet changes. So the wine and potato chips are cut WAY down (once a week for the p chips and a few glasses a week for the wine). I am also adding more leafy veggies to the diet and brown rice instead of rice, noodles or potatoes. Hopefully this will help.
Here are three helpful sites:
I have purchased a package of Flaxseed meal. The producing company has a few recipes on the website, but mostly for things I do not eat. I will post recipes as I develop them. Their plant is on the other side of town so I may do a field trip to visiit them.
My nephew was in town this week. He is 8 and the youngest in his family. Carl got to spend several days with him and both of them loved it. Carl got someone to play with and Joel got to be the big boy. We took them to the river one day, the zoo another and they played at home another. It was pretty cute. I think my dad videoed their entire time together. I got a lot of pictures.
Carl has also started his classes – music and swimming. I take him to music and Rich takes him to swimming. He is the oldest in the music class and it really shows. He seems to enjoy the classes – he sure talks about them.
 We are starting to get more produce from our backyard. We have been harvesting asparagus for about a month now – enough so we have to eat it or give it away every 2-3 days. The Junebearing strawberries are done, but the everbearing spit a few out every couple of days. Raspberries are doing very well this year. I guess I won’t rip out the plants. I am not crazy about the berries and Rich and Carl are getting tired of them. So I take them to the neighbors or mom and grandmas. We are starting to get blueberries and blackberries. These I like. A lot.
Our fruit trees are not doing so good – we got maybe 5 cherries and it looks like there will be about the same for apples and pears. The plum tree appears to be doing well. I think we will need to prune this fall.
We have two tomatoes ripening. One fell off the plant so it is ripening in the window sill. The other is on the plant. It looks like they will be ready in a few days. This is on our fastest-growing-period tomato plant (patio hybrid I think) it was supposed to be ready in 49 days. Only a month later (oh well).
Our peppers (many many peppers) cucumbers and zuccihni all are doing well. The zucchini look like they are going to produce – so much everyone will avoid us… I also planted some swiss chard from starts. A woman at Weight Watchers brought them in. We don’t like them fresh – they are a bit too bitter, but they are good cooked into things. I have cooked them in some of my psuedoThai dishes and it worked. I may try some with fish (oh yes – more of that now with the triglycerides problems.)
My weigh in was not a good one this week. I was up a pound and a half. I have still lost more than 30 pounds. Even though I am a little over 150  – I am going to start eating and exercising like I am at 150 pounds, to see if that helps.
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2 Responses to busy week

  1. Kim says:

    Hiya Leslie! Sorry to hear your were up for your WI this week. Sounds just like me. Between gains or just maintaining, I can\’t seem to get that scale to move DOWN! I think I\’m too hard on myself.
    Wow you have produce and fruit growing eh? I always wanted to plant some fruit trees and make a garden but I just don\’t have it in me to do it alone and DH — well he\’s a "where\’s the Beef"  so playing a gardener just wouldn\’t work for him LOL
    You just had to mention Cheese Enchilada\’s Mmmmmmmm!!!! I can\’t afford that this week though. I did the chinese buffet last night and had a calzone for lunch today. I\’m about out of points. Maybe next week…
    do you mind if I add a link to your space from mine so that I can frequent you more often? 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend
    Love to you,
    Kim 🙂

  2. Tanya says:

    I\’m so jealous that you have A/C!!  I\’ve been roasting up here today and I don\’t think it\’s even 90 out.  Have a great Sunday 🙂  ~Tanya

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