Fathers Day Stepping Stones

I am almost ready for Father’s Day. I have bought cards – and mailed the ones that needed mailing. I made some pitures in magnets for my Father-in-law and mailed them off with a card and I signed it – I will also have to dial his number and hand the phone to my husband. I am also working with my son to get him to say, "Happy father’s day grandpa Jerry."
Rich already got his big Father’s Day present – a chain saw. Now I want him to start cutting down sick and poorly placed trees. I may have to do it myself…
I made both Rich and my dad some garden stepping stones with Carl’s handprint in them. I found kits for them at Micheal’s. I made them over at mom’s. It was a bit of a comedy trying to hide the kits from Rich. I picked them up on Wednesday and noticed they had some outdoor tables similiar to what we would like on our back porch. So I pretended to look through the ad that night, showed them to Rich and said we should check them out. We did, but Rich didn’t like them – he did however think that the stepping stone kits were kind of cool. I blew him off and we got some other stuff. Thursday while taking care of my mom (she has a bad case of shingles) I took the kits over so I could make them there. Rich was coming over after work to take care of a few things – so there wasn’t time to make the stones. I hid them in the furnace/storage room. Of course Rich decided he needed to go in this room – a room in which he hasn’t set a foot in months. Mom quickly but causually moved some laudry racks in front of the kits.
So I made the stepping stones yesterday. It wasn’t hard – just messy. The cleanup took longer than making the two stepping stones. In the stones I have Carl’s handprint, his name and the year. I then decorated them with some beach glass. They are supposed to be dry in 48 hours. I had to pay extra for the reusable numbers and letters and the glass.
The forms are reuseable so I plan on offering to make them for the other grandkids and in future years. I will also make some for my mom.
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One Response to Fathers Day Stepping Stones

  1. Cherissa says:

    Hey Leslie!!!
    I\’m back and am feeling great!!!!  I have had much time to focus on myself and feel it is time to come back and share. Blogging has really been a big help in the past… very therapeutic!
    It looks as if things are going good for you… I still have a lot to read and catch up on but I sure hope you are doing wonderful!!!
    I have missed visiting you! I always enjoy stopping by! 🙂 Thank you for your comments and support…it really means a lot to me!
    Take care of your self tonight. I will be back later to read…read…read!

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