I have signed Carl up for classes through the local Parks and Rec – hopefully I didn’t overdo it. With his love of basketball at such a young age, I signed him up for Munchkin Hoops – a very basic basketball program for 2-3 year olds. Unfortunately there is only one class for the whole district, so Carl is on the wait list.
I signed him up for a toddler/parent swim class. I scheduled it for the weekend so Rich would take the class with him.
He is also taking a music class one evening a week. I will be taking him to this class and Rich will be cooking dinner that evening. We will see how that goes.
Carl and I are still going to the zoo and the children’s museum on a regular basis. He is getting more social with these visits, mostly interacting at the Children’s museum. Earlier this week he was showing a smaller boy how to play with the balls in this vacuum system. Today he didn’t cling to me at the puppet show – he sat with the other children after the show (it did take a few minutes before he would.)
He is getting so big! Though he is my baby, he isn’t a baby anymore.
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One Response to Classes

  1. Tanya says:

    Sounds like you guys are going to have a wonderful summer!  I can\’t wait until Logan is a little older and he can start participating in all of those neat things.  I do want to get us enrolled in swim class though this summer since Logan loves the water.  Have a great weekend!  ~Tanya

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