Garden for the Year

I finished putting our vegetable garden in for the summer. The last bed was a tough one. I had to break up and smooth out all the new/old dirt and add topsoil. I planted Moms tomatoes and the rest of our peppers. I will need to do an inventory of varieties of peppers and tomatoes as I picked up many here and there.
We do have green tomatoes on two plants: tumbler hybrid and willamette. The tumbler hybrid was supposed to have a 49 day period to fruit – I had green fruit long before that.
So far we are getting a lot of asparagus and enough strawberries for a serving every other day. We have gotten two artichokes, but bugs got to them first 😦 We have some garlic that will be ready to harvest soon, but I am still using the big bag that I bought at Costco. I gave away about half the bag, and I am still using it!
Our cherry tree is doing well this year – I have gotten a few cherries so far. Hopefully this weekend I will have some time to get the ladder out and see what is really on there.
My focus now is on our front yard. I m sure it looked really good when the previous owners landscaped it, but six years of neglect have taken there toll. We have many volunteer trees – all too close together. Many are sickly or growing crooked. Certain plants have taken over beds and are out of control. We found some plans for the back beds from the previous owners – I wish they had left plans for the front! Oh well – I guess I have to dust off my creativity.
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One Response to Garden for the Year

  1. Jon says:

    Sounds like your yard is getting some real work this spring. Mine is still a work in progress and my main focus is finishing the garden and getting further on the deck. The little 10 X10 deck for my hottub cost me $1000 just for materials, ugh…. And I still have another six times that to put in this summer. Take care and thank you for stopping bye. Jon

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