Having Fun

 "Having fun is about as good a habit as there is."
– Jimmy Buffet
Yesterday was a very fun day. We took Carl to the Willamette river to see the ships here for Rose Festival Fleet Week. We only found 4 of them – there were supposed to be 8. It seems like the numbers are down from when I was in high school and college. We then took him to the Rose Festival fun center or whatever they are calling the rides now. That has changed too – you have to pay to get in and pay to ride. Since neither of us really planned this, we had to buy food there too. It was expensive, but I must say – the booth we went to made a really good chicken sandwich.
After eating we got tickets for rides. Rich took Carl on the big slide – he loved it. I think over the course of the day they went on that at least five times. After sliding, Carl would do his little dance of joy. It was pretty cute. I took him on the Merry Go Round, the roller coaster and the spinning bears. He went by himself (what a brave boy) on the boats.
Though the day cost us a small fortune, I am glad we did it. I know he had a good time – I hope this is something he will remember.
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One Response to Having Fun

  1. Me w/ Gavin Degraw says:

    Thanks for stopping by.  It sounds like you guys had fun at the festival.  I can\’t believe you lived on Pearl.  How awesome was that?!?!  Stop by any time!  -Mags

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