Fun busy week

I haven’t been writing much – things have been so busy!
The weather has been nice, so Carl and I have been getting out a lot. We have been doing the zoo and the children’s museum on a regular basis. Rich took a week off – he did the zoo with us once and the children’s museum once.  The next few weeks are Rose Festival here in Portland. I took Carl to the Jr Rose Festival Parade. He loved seeing all of the instruments (or as as he calls them inrunents) he learned Sousaphone that day and has been saying it ever since. He also wrote his name on a magnadoodle – that was the first time I saw him do that without help or prompting. Granted the C was backward and he had an o where the r should be, but at 2 I think I have a right to brag.
Ok to bring my wonder son back into perspective – we bought a little potty at Babies R Us while Rich was off – and Carl wont use that either…
The video I ordered for Carl came in to Suncoast – Book of Pooh Stories from the Heart. He loves it! We have watched it many many times. I love a bonus feature that covers the history of Winnie the Pooh, it is very interesting. The characters (except Christopher Robin) are puppets, which Mitchell Kriegman talks about the methods in the bonus features. I (and Carl) also love Mr Kriegman’s other children’s projects: Bear in the Big Blue House and It’s A Big Big World.
I also bought Carl some good shoes. Nordstroms was having its half yearly sale and they had good everyday shoes (Stride Rite) on sale and some Teva sandals. Carl wasn’t too sure about this strange shoe saleswoman at first, but she was good and he soon was ok as long as mom was right there. He got a balloon at the end. They had a little weight thing at the end of the string in the shape of Nordie – a character I remember from my childhood – Nordstroms used to have stuffed Nordies for sale many many years ago. Way back when we lived in Seattle and shoped at the Northgate Nordstroms. A long long time ago… sigh
My weight loss experience has been a rollercoaster the past two weeks. With the wine tasting and the family barbecue, I gained at that Weight Watchers weigh in. Did I gain… 2.8 Lbs!! More than I had lost in the last week. So I really stuck to the points and guidelines the next week and this week I was DOWN 4.8 Lbs!! Total weight rollercoaster.
Now that I have gotten through the emotion of feeling like a failure (and lost the weight – showing that I am not) I have thought about what I could have done to eat properly. I really overdid it two days – the famiily barbecue and the second wine tasting day.
On the day of the barbecue I should have:
1. eaten a ligher lunch (maybe the no point soup or a salad with a points worth of fat free ham)
2. Taken something lighter to grill – some low fat chicken brats or some portobello mushrooms
3. Stayed away from the potato salad – I am not that crazy about the stuff to begin with, why did I eat it?
On the wine tastiing day I should have:
Taken something lighter to grill – some low fat chicken brats or some portobello mushrooms
Skip the bun with the brat
The thing that blew it for me on Monday was the brats. Our friends Steve and Janet were serving Salumeria di Carlo sausages. I had mentioned them last October as being so wonderful.!703CE4E2B8C01089!199.entry
Janet said that she found them at Zupan’s Markets (a chain here in the Portland area).
Looking back on Monday, it was the brat with the bun and the wine that did me in. I have also come to the conclusion that on the big wine tasting weekends my goal will be to minimize the damage – I probably won’t loose weight that week. These weekends only happen twice a year, and I don’t want to stop going to them. Planning a little more might help and just getting back on track right away helps a lot.
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