Wine Tasting Memorial Day 2006

We made the trek to Yamhill County this Memorial Day for the Winery Open House Weekend. We visited wineries on Saturday and Monday. Saturday was nuts but Monday was pretty calm, though not as many places were open. We took Carl with us both days as my mother was sick (shingles – ouch). On Saturday we went to Archery Summit, Stoller and Anne Amie. On Monday we visited White Rose, JK Carriere and Shea.
At Archery Summit, we toured the caverns, tasted some wonderful cheeses, sausage and bread, enjoyed their Pinot Noirs and listed to a guitar and bass violin trio. We tasted all of their collection except for Renegade Ridge. In the Wine Club Members only room there were a few more wines to taste, including the Looney Vineyard –  of which we bought two bottles. We also had 4 shipments of wine club to pick up. Carl loved the music and eating the bits of bread, cheese and meat. "Auntie" Carmen (who came with us along with her friend, Angelo) spent a lot of time with him at the musicians, which was helpful.
Stoller was a new winery – this was the first weekend for the new tasting room and facility. They were beautiful! We ate our picnic lunch a room with tables that was available. I liked the wine, but I have had better. We two bottles of the JV Pinot and one of the Estate Pinot (Noir of course, this is Oregon…) One thing – the three bottle box handle broke on us. Fortunately we were home and the box fell onto carpet.
Anne Amie has a beautiful tasting room. It is open year round, so we had not been there for a "big" weekend, though I had been there on other occasions. Their wines were mostly white: Cuvee A Amrita, Rieling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Viognier. They also had a Pinot Noir Cuvee, a PN Winemakers selection and a PN Deux Vert Vinyard. We liked the Riesling which was lightly sweet, the Viognier was rich and sweet. We also liked the Winemakers selection Pinot Noir.
On Monday our plans or our poorly made plans changed. We wanted to get our futures from Domaine Serene and Beaux Freres. We got to D.S. only to discover they weren’t open on Monday (note to self READ INVITATION) so we checked the Beaux Freres and sure enough they were not open on Mondays either. OOPS. So we went to the White Rose (one of our favorites with the MOST GORGEOUS view in the valley) which was next to D.S. We then went to JK Carriere (suffering through the AWEFUL Dundee traffic) then on to SHEA (all of our absolute FAVORITE).
White Rose Wines- The first two wines we tasted here were from neighboring vinyards that were getting started. I love how wineries in the area are so willing to partner with the newbies! The first was a Caly Hill 2003 Pinot Noir which had almost an Italian taste to it. The other was Vista Hills 2003 Pinot Noir which had a sharp initial taste and a nutty finish.
JK Carriere Wines: Once again we loved the White Pinot Noir called Glass. Unfortunately since it was the end of the weekend, they were sold out. Janet had bought a case ahead of time and picked it up then. We will need to do this next year. They also had a list of wine shops that had access to Glass, and Renaissance Wine Shop was one of them. We also loved their Provocateur Pinot Noir – we bought six of them.
Our last stop was for Shea Wines which was pouring at Adelsheim Vinyards. Shea is our favorite. During the drive there, Carl fell asleep, so Rich and I visited in shifts. They had two current releases and four futures. The current releases were Chardonnay and Estate Pinot Noir (both 2004). The chardonnay was dry with a hint of oranges. The Estate Pinot Noir was smoky cherry with a woodsy finish. The futures were all 2005 Pinot Noirs. East Hill tasted of dark fruit and pepper with a tobacco finish. This was the one we liked the most last November and didn’t like for futures. So we ordered some – 1 I think. The Pommard clone tasted of dry berries and was very smooth with an oaky finish. The Wadenswil Clone tasted of light fruit with a green pepper finish. Homer was very smooth tasting of dark cherry and pears with a cinnamon finish. Of the futures Homer had the best potential with the smoothest combination of flavors. I liked the Pommard Clone best right now. We bought some of all of them.
Now my project is to get back out to wine country and pick up our Domaine Serene and Beaux Freres futures.
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