Finishing thoughts…

I wasn’t able to finish my thoughts on Friday – I can’t remember what happened, but something came up.
Memorial Day weekend has been fun. Saturday we did a little wine country tour with some friends. I will give the details of the wineries and the food in another enty.
Saturday evening one friend, Misako, stayed for a little while and helped me finish the stocking for Judi. It turned out very cute. I have added a picture of it to the stocking photo album.
Sunday we had a family dinner at my step-sister’s (Nicole) home. It wasn’t starting till later in the day, so I had plenty of time to get ready. Unfortunately Rich wasn’t feeling really great, so he was not very helpful. I went to the grocery store and left him in charge of Carl. After shopping for an hour and halfway through checkout, I discover I am out of checks. Fortunately they have a system where they finished the groceries and could set it aside to pay later. So I zoom home to grab a pack of checks and find Rich asleep, back door open and no Carl in the room. I strongly encourage him to go find Carl (he was just on the back deck) and strongly encourage him to watch him or take him to our room and lock Carl in the room with Rich. I then rush back to the store and pick up my purchases. Then to top it off – I bang my head on the trunk. It was bound to happen.
I made up a vegetable tray with dip. I used cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms (they had the cutest little mushrooms at Bales Thriftway this week) Jicama and tiny sugar plum grape tomatoes. For the dip I used Knorr’s Onion and Chive mix and a container of fat free sour cream. It turned out great. They grilled hamburgers and everyone brought something.
After dinner, Carl got to go to the barn with his aunt Nicole to help with chores. Nicole and Troy have rural property, so they raise a small amount of livestock, plus Nicole has a horse business, so there were animals to feed. He helped feed the horses and pony as well as an old show cow. He loved the animals, but didn’t want to sit on the horses just yet. Maybe next time. They also had a barn cat that Carl loved. She was normally very shy, but she decided she wanted attention last night – and Carl gave her plenty, and not rough like he does with our cats.
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