Rough Day

Yesterday was a very rough day with Carl. I am still a bit shaky from everything. I will start with the end of the story. Carl is fine now and made it through everything unscathed.
The day started simply enough – we were getting ready for a little daily excursion. I loaded the dishwasher and in the process of getting the dishwasher soap broke the child protective lock under the sink. I started the dishwasher and called Rich at work to find out where the spare locks were, so I could replace it right away. I went into the bathroom (in the corner of the kitchen) to plug in my curling iron. I came out and Carl was under the sink in the Orange Clean concentrate with the lid off. The cardboard inner lid was still on and Carl promptly threw himself on the floor like he was in trouble. I asked him a few times if he drank it or tasted it and he said "no – get sick." The bottle wasn’t open and still had a bit of a seal on the cardboard.
He needed a changing so I took him upstairs and we talked some more about the sink. He kept insisting "no- get sick," regarding the cleaner. His was poopy, so I hung his pants on the crib (a half turn away) so nothing would get on them. As I turned to get his pants, he stood up on the changing table and fell.
By this time I am doubting any ability I have as a parent. I take him downstairs and go to the Poison Control center and calm him down from the fall. I really don’t think that he has downed anything from the bottle, but I am really worried because of things going wrong. I read through the site, and really think he didn’t get into the solution.
He and I go into the bathroom – I am just going to put my hair in a ponytail and unplug the curling iron. Carl grabs  the curling iron before I can say hot. I get some ice for him and spray his had with some solarcaine. I then call his doctor and ask the advice nurse to call me back – I know my voice sounded like I was about to loose it. I finally got ahold of Rich at work – he had been the last to use the Orange Clean, and had used most of it cleaning the gas grill.
The doctor’s office called back and I told her about everything that had happened. She was concerend about the burn – so she asked me to bring him in – they could see him in about an hour. The nurse said to continue icing his hand and give him Tylenol or Motrin for the pain. I decided against the meds as there was still that little voice that had me concerned about the cleaner. By the time we got to the doctors, Carl was back to his happy self.
The doctor checked out the burn and asked Carl where his ouwie (I do not know how to spell this word!) was – he didn’t have one according to him – but he did have stamps to show her (from the zoo.) She then started to give the me talk about keeping chemicals out of babies reach. I then told her the story of the morning. She didn’t realize his fall had been from so high, so she checked him for that. We then talked about the chemicals some more – besided the cardboard still on the bottle, there was none of the cleaner on his clothes, floor or on his breath (it has a strong orange smell), plus once again when asked Carl insisted, "no – get sick," when asked about tasting the cleaner.
I am now keeping an eye on the burn – which is almost healed. I taped the cabinet shut and put a chair in front of it (Rich forgot to put the new lock on last night) and I do not care if his pant get poop on them – I would rather do more wash than have a hurt kid.
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One Response to Rough Day

  1. Tanya says:

    I\’m so glad Carl is OK.  I think there are days like this in every parents\’ life.  Just know that it happens to all of us.  ~Tanya

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