We had some young guests in our yard today – not a common sight in our suburban area. My neighbor Tanya called to say there were deer in my side yard. I went out to see in my bathrobe and bare feet. There they were two young males and a young female. Tanya said they were just wandering the yard – nibble on green things and fornicating (her words).
I took some pictures – they were a little curious, but more interesesting in our grape vines.
I showed them to Carl (from a distance) and he said "reindeer."
They then wandered off. I tried to call the Audoban Society and Department of Fish and Wildlife. It isn’t that I have anything against the deer – even eating our blueberries – I just don’t want them to get hurt. Neither place were open yet and didn’t have a place to leave messages. They were gone before I could call back.
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