With the beautiful weather we have had here in Portland, I have been spending most of my day outside – and not on the computer. I thought I would catch up on the various things in my life.
I had my Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday. The cycle of loose two weeks, gain a little the third week seems to be broken. I lost 1.2 lbs. My total weight loss is now 24 lbs. Though the weight loss was was less this week – I am not complaining.
I was really happy I lost, especially after a double big meal Mother’s Day. Saturday we had dinner at Mom and Grandma’s. My brother Paul was there too. Rich and I brought over crab and fresh asparagus from the garden. Mom ended up working late that day, so Paul, Rich and I had dinner ready when she got home. We then finished the meal off with some Moonstruck chocolates (num num). We brought them a wind chime (that Carl picked out at the zoo store) and a color pot for the back porch. Grandma is spending a little time each day sitting on the upper back porch – so I wanted to make it a little nicer for her.
We then did a Mother’s day brunch at Dad and Judi’s. This was going to be a bit more difficult with the diet. Judi told me they planned on waffles, bacon and eggs. I then looked in the Weight Watchers guidebook, and I discoverd a reasonable amount of waffles with a little syrup (no butter) would be fine. They also had tons of fresh berries (also a good thing). My stepbrother had also made some chicken brats – I ate 1/2 of one. My steplings were all impressed with my weightloss and will power. We took Judi a color pot and a tiny box of Moonstruck chocolates. I also gave my stepbrother a late housewarming of an herb garden. It was two pots – the larger one with purple sage, onion chives, curley parsley, taragon (I think) and a little viola. The small pot had Genovese basil, which is supposed to be really good for pesto.
I haven’t developed any new recipes in a while.I think I would like to do a dill sauce next for salmon.
With the nice weather – I have been putting a lot of time in the garden. The tomatoes are all planted – most are so big I have pulled the water walls and put up cages. I have planted many of the peppers – I put the water walls around them to help them get a start. I have also planted our cucumbers and zucchini. I am going to take a break on the back yard and work on the front yard for a little while. I plan on weeding some of the curb visible spaces so we do not look like we have the worst yard in the neighborhood, we may still have the worst – I just don’t want it to be so obvious from the front.
I found out the brand of water walls I like the best: Wall O’Water. This brand doesn’t leak as badly at the Gardeneer brand.
I am also putting a lot of time into making the Christmas stocking for my stepmother, Judi. We will be celebrating her birthday over Memorial Day weekend, so time is getting short.
Carl and I have added the Children’s Museum to our weekly routine. I bought the one parent and one child membership. It is nice – we go in for a little bit a few times a week. That way it is not overwhelming for both of us. Friday we watched a puppet show. He was really unsure of it all and stuck really close to me. After the show the performer brought the main character puppet out for the children to see. Carl finally gave it a high five at the very very end. The rest of the day he kept talking about Robin (the puppet) and told his daddy he hugged her. It was too funny.
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  1. Jennifer says:

    Unfortunately he is salary which sometimes I think he thinks that he never gets to be off.  He will answer that business cell phone at anytime of night with "Thank you for calling…."  It annoys me.  Well, we have to get ready for church; have a good Sunday! 

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