Its like they are new…

I finished going through the box of clothes from the attic. It is like I have a new wardrobe!
There is my "sunset" suit. I called it that because it is auburn color. It was a long duster, pants and a dress (not all worn together.) There is also the black silk beaded dress I picked up in Las Vegas to wear to Linn and Judy Jones’ vows renewal. There are a  few more dresses and suits.
The clothes are a bit on the dressy side – this makes it nice for going out and interviewing (I do hope to start again.)
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One Response to Its like they are new…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey!  I have a friend of mine through church who says she will never be able to fit into some clothes anymore so she\’s going to see if I want them.  I love feeling like I have just got some more things to add to my clothes and I never even had to go spend money on them.  I don\’t even know if they\’ll be things I like or not, but you never know.  And I just don\’t have the money to buy new things right now.  I need more work clothes really.  I\’m considering trying to find a better paying job soon too. 

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