Weigh In Update

My Weight Watchers weigh in and meeting were last night. I have some rituals in getting ready for the meeting. I do not eat after lunch, and drink a minium of water. I always wear the same outfit – don’t worry I WASH it every week. That way I know it isn’t a difference in clothing weight if I gain.
I had to get a new weigh in outfit. I had a nice t-shirt and a pair of lightweight pants from Columbia Sportwear that I wore each week. Last week I could barely keep the pants on. So Rich pulled a box of clothes out of the attic. Unfortunately it was the wrong box, so he went back and got a box with the correct sizes on it. In it I found a lightweight pair of black pants and a silk shell that I can wear each week.
Ok enough about what I am wearing and my little habits. My weigh in was successful – I lost 3 lbs! This brought my total to 22.8 –  I am about 1/3 the way there.
One thing that has helped is the amount of gardening I have been doing – a lot of it is moving dirt. That is hard work. This work has double benefits – I am loosing weight and my garden is looking better. The upper blueberry patch has never looked better.
I am also very tired lately – mostly this last week. I have been taking a vitamin every day, but I am going to make sure I eat more spinach each day and maybe an extra serving of protein.
This is also week 3 of my little weight loss cycle – siince I started WW I always seem to gain a little this week. I do not want to do that this week.
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One Response to Weigh In Update

  1. Cherissa says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! You should be so happy for your self you are doing a great job!!!!! SMILE! 😀

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