More Babies – and other Craft projects

We have recently had a baby boom in our circle of family, friends and colleagues. Rich’s niece is about to have her first baby any day. I have been sending her a lot of things from Carl – onesies, sleepers, half our recieving blankets and baby towels and washclothes (we had a lot). I also picked up a few items new – some sleepers and some little pink carters pants (to help feminize the unisex onesies). The little pants were a great buy – I found them at Big Lots – $2 each.
I to find a good gift that could be used a while and would be special. In racking my brains I thought of two things – a fleece throw and a cardigan sweater. My stepmother made Carl a fleece throw in Winnie the Pooh cloudy style. I love it at we use it all the time. So I started making fleece throw blankets. I made a princess fabric one for my soon to be great niece. One of Rich’s colleagues’ wife just had twins.I made them each a blanket – the boy a blue with puppies pattern and the girl a fairy princess one.
Carl was given a hand-me-down cardigan sweater that I used more than anything else. So I thought that would also be a practical and fun gift. Unfortunately, they are difficult to find at this time of year. I did finally find some sweaters. I got the sweaters for the twins at Nordstoms Rack – the boys was a nice heavy one with a matching hat, while the girls was light and had cute little flowers crotched into it. Both were so cute. I found a sweater for my great niece at Janie and Jacks – a sturdy pink zip up sweater with a hood – it sounds a little boring but it was really cute too.
One thing with the twins was I didn’t want to give them anything matching. It was very tempting to do, and would have been easy when picking out blanket fabrics, plus Janie and Jack’s had blue/pink versions of the same sweater. I don’t know if it will really make any difference, but I really wanted to give the kids something unique.
I just finished the three blankets and am starting a new project. I am making a Christmas Stocking for my stepmother. My grandmother (father’s mother) used to make Christmas stockings for all of the family members. It was a little rite for the children when they were born or spouses when they married into the family. They are felt with the persons name and some little scenes that are Christmasy and relate something to that person (for those that came into the family older). My first Christmas I was married I asked my aunt and cousins to send me copies of the patterns so I could make some for my husband and son. My aunt and cousin Lisa surprised me and made stockings for them.
This last Christmas I realized that no one ever made one for my stepmother. Dad and Judi were married about the time Grandma was retiring from making these things.  Or maybe Dad never asked her to do it. Who knows – she doesn’t have one and I am making one for her. We will see how I do. I do not sew much so this is a learning process.
I did find a spot that helped get me started – it has to do with the use of Pinking Shears. The edges are pinked and this space stopped me from making some mistakes:
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2 Responses to More Babies – and other Craft projects

  1. Tanya says:

    The blankets sound great, I want to see pics.!!  I can\’t wait to see the stockings also.  I hope you have a great day!  ~Tanya

  2. Cherissa says:

    Hi Leslie! Just wanted to stop by with a warm smile and nice hello! I hope you are doing well!!! Take care of your self and smile!!

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