The Garden: work is getting done!

With the nice weather we have been having in Portland, I have been able to get some work done in the garden.
I recently cleared an area in the front yard and planted some pink bleeding hearts that my stepmother thinned from her yard. They are a perennial with an interesting flower.
I have started tackling the front yard on the south side of the house. This area has been very neglected since I moved in, and I doubt Rich ever worked on this area before I moved in. I started by weeding a 1 foot wide strip down the property line (so our weeds don’t contaminate the neigbors yard). I then focused on our blueberry bushes and a nasty thicket of a variety of plants – none I am sure were purposely planted. Surprisingly the area is starting to look good. The thorns and stickers aren’t all gone yet, but the blueberry bushes are not being threatened by them, and protectived gear against thorns will not be needed to pick blueberries this year.
So I want to put down some weed barrier and a pretty red bark around the blueberries so it won’t take a week next year to find three of the plants. We picked up some weed barrier last year at Costco. We set out yesterday to by some red bark. Rich offered to get a load delivered — I said NO! It took 6 months to get the last delivered dirt dealt with. Never Again!!!  I thought we could go to see what was available at Seven Dees – a nursery across highway 26 – about 5 minutes drive away.
We first stopped for coffee at a little coffee kiosk in Cedar Mill, in the parking lot of a little shopping mall. On a whim I suggested we stop at the Hi-School Hardware. I had recently found some herbs on sale there for $.79 a pot, so I wanted to see the deals. We were really pleasantly surprised – they had a lot of the things we were looking for! They had some nice plant stands, some nice tomato plants (we bought a Yellow Brandywine and a Willamette), a tomatillo plant, Wall of Water brand water walls, and bark dust (it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it was a good sale – so we got it). As I was looking at the trellises (I wanted to get 3 for our backyard) one of the employees brought a different style in from the back. I liked them better. They were 11.99 – I bought all three they had left.
We then went over to Seven Dees, however Carl was tired of shopping so we weren’t really able to look. So we went home and put Carl down for his nap.
After I got him to sleep I installed two of the trellises before the rain started. One was for the Chilean Jasimine – it had already grown much taller than the stick it came with.
Neighborhood plug – Cedar Mill Library is having a plant sale on May 20:
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One Response to The Garden: work is getting done!

  1. Tanya says:

    Sounds like your garden is progressing a lot better than mine 🙂  I\’m still working on getting the weeds out of the flower beds in front.  I did buy some new daisies this last week, I can\’t wait for them to bloom.  I grouped them all together so there will be some yellow, orange, and white ones.  I love bleeding hearts – I have one in my front yard.  My Grandma always had them growing in her front yard so whenever mine are blooming I think of her.
    Thanks for the tip on the baby gate – I think Logan & I might make a trip to the goodwill store tomorrow!  Have a great night – I hope your weather is better than ours right now 🙂  ~Tanya

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