Later Babies

We recently found out a friend of ours is pregnant. What makes this interesting is that she is 47 and due with twins. Yes, she had "help." She planned ahead an froze some eggs when she was in her early 30’s.
I wish I had thought of that. It would have been a wiser investment than some of the clothing I purchased. Though in my early thirties I was still so hopeful about each relationship that this would be The One. I wouldn’t need it. Ironically I did meet my husband while I was in my early thirties – but that is another story.
When I searched the web these three sites came up first:
They are all companies that offer the preservation. Only one had a sample cost budget on the website – it is not a cheap, but not out of reach. Since these sites were paying a premium for advertising, they could be charging a bit more than the norm or what is available locally.
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