Wedding Memories – My Colorado Wedding

I just filled out a survey for The Knot on my wedding. It sure brought back some happy memories. I am glad I can remember my day that way.
I was living in Denver, we had the wedding in Golden – though my mother made me feel like no one would from the family (mostly my father’s family) would come to the wedding. Why did I listen to her? Like she is on the pulse of a family she was no longer married into. Most of the family showed up.
The location was beautiful and I was surrounded by friends who I would soon be moving away from. It was really nice.
The only things I think I would have changed were going with a larger venue and having a more roomy dress made for my growing tummy.
I created a website for the wedding that I had a link for on the map in the invitations.
I put together a list of fun things to do in Colorado:
I also included a list of my wedding vendors – for the perfect Colorado Wedding:
I recommend everyone I used, feel free to ask questions or for help getting in touch with the people if the emails no longer work. I really really recommend my photographer Ray Healy and my florist Audrey Alexander.
I think I will go work on my wedding scrapbook today – it has been way too long.
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2 Responses to Wedding Memories – My Colorado Wedding

  1. Fay says:

    I\’m glad you have such pleasant wedding memories.  I\’ve never been married and somedays am not sure I want to be.  My current boyfriend is divorced and there\’s divorce all around me, which gives me little faith in the marital institution….but who knows!!!  I\’ve seen excellent examples of it, though!!  I\’m just a committment phobe!!
    Don\’t stress the .8 lbs.  We fluctuate throughout the day, every day and .8 lbs. when compared to what you\’ve lost isn\’t a huge thing!!! Keep your chin up girl, hard work and dedicaiton, which you have, are all it takes and sometimes we need a break and it\’s not big thing b/c we\’re not going to gain 10 lbs. if we take a lazy day!!!! 

  2. Darci says:

    Leslie..   it  is  so  nice  to  see  your  face  and  your  family\’s..  I  have  had  many  very kind words  from  you  but  i   just   didn\’t  realize  what  you  looked  like..  I  do  see   however  that  you  and  your  hubby  must  share  alot  of  the  same  intrests..  that  is so  nice.
    I  love  to  hear  from  you  and   i  love  to  look  at  all  the  interesting  things  you  have  on  your blog..
    Your  a  beautiful  person  inside  and  out  ,  I  can  tell.

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