Weekly weigh in

Last night was my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh-in. It was not a happy experience. I was up .8 pounds. Looking back over the last ten weeks I could see a trend – loose for two weeks gain a little one week. I see the trend but it is still discouraging. 
One woman at the meeting has some Swiss Chard growing out of control in her yard. She said she would bring in some plants and starts next week.
This past week I wasn’t able to exercise or work in the garden much. I strained my shoulder at the the tomato sale then overdid it on Sunday trying to get the tomatos planted. It agravated an old injury to my rotator cuff. I fell carrying Carl in a parking lot and twisted so he would land on me and really hurt my shoulder. So I haven’t worked in the yard much. I even skipped our Monday Zoo walk.
Rich also is out of town, he left last night and won’t be back till tonight. His comments are much more encouraging than my mother’s and grandmother’s. Grandma, who is usually supportive, asked "Did you cheat?" All my mother could do was complain about her mother then justify a bunch of reasons why she can’t do Weight Watchers. I am so tired of her whining about her weight and then justifying why she won’t do anything about it.
On a positive note – I finally started recreating my resume. I started by re-entering the text into an ascii file, then found a format that I liked. I now, of course, am changing it to fit me and my information.
Ok my goals for the next week:
1. Daily walks
2. arm and stomach exercises twice
3. 1/2 hour in garden per day
4. finish resume and send it out
Well I am off to bag up my carrots and cucumbers for the zoo walk.
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