Anniversary Presents and Weekend activies

I never did say what Rich got me for our anniversary. He bought me one of the little green houses. It is a stand with three shelves and a plastic cover. It there is enough room for three trays of starts in it. It is lightweight so it is easy to move around. The drawback to this is that the wind can move it around easily too.
He also got us tickets to Chris Botti with the Oregon Symphony. Unfortunately he waited till a few days before our anniversary to get them, so we were up pretty high.
It was a wonderful concert. The conductor for the evening was Charles Floyd. The first half featured music written by Scott Hiltzik. I liked all of the pieces, expecially Solace and Race Brook Falls. I guess the composer was in the audience that evening too – but we were so high up we couldn’t see him when he stood up.
The second half of the show included Chris Botti and and his group. I was a little surprised to see the rest of his quintet was there with him too. The music was great – he has a talented vocalist who joined them for a few numbers.
One thing that added to my fondness of Chris is that he is also from Oregon and is two weeks older than me. During the concert he introduced his former trumpet teacher who was also the trumpet principal for the Oregon Symphony.
I loved the music Chris performed. During one very romantic number I snuggled to Rich, he turned to me and asked, "What?’  What a romantic. Remember he did score very high on the nerd test.
After Chris finished the show with his band, about half the audience upstairs jumped out of their seats and left. My mother says this is typical of Portland Sympony Audiences. They missed a great performance. Chris and the Oregon Symphony performed "Time to Say Good-bye," the song made famous by Andrea Boceli. It was wonderful. I do wish Chris and just the Symphony had performed a few more pieces.
I do hope to go see Chris and his band again soon.
The rest of the weekend was fun but very busy. We bought our Tomatos and some other plants on Saturday with our friends Steve and Janet. We all drove up to St Helens from our house in Rich’s truck. I could tell that I had lost weight – it wasn’t as hard for me to put on my seatbelt in the back seat next to the car seat. On the way back we stopped at this cute coffee shop in Scappoose called The Coffee Bar. We all needed a little something and Carl was yelling, "Eat, Eat!" Oh to be 2 and be able to shout your mind.
When we got home, we served some cheese and crackers to tide us of till brunch was ready. We had some Jarlsberg, Cambrizola and two other cheese that I can’t remember the names. They were all good – I weighed out two ounces total of cheese.  I served white wines with this meal. We started with the Shea Chardonnay. I know Janet really loves Shea’s Chardonnay, and that they were out. We then had some Domain Serene Chardonnay. The Shea was so good. DS was good also, but we really loved the Shea.
For brunch we had Eggs Jeanette, hash brown potatoes and Fletcher’s Pepper Bacon. I didn’t eat any of the bacon so I did pretty well with my Weight Watchers points.
Recipe for Eggs Jeanette:
It was a fun afternoon. Carl loved "Nanet" and wanted her to play basketball with him. We hung out on the back porch and drank wine and looked at the flowers.
Yesterday we discovered the drawbacks to the greenhouse being lightweight. The wind blew it over with all the new plants in it. The only ones that had trouble were the ones on the very top shelf – all the tomatoes. Fortunately I given Mom her tomatoes and pulled the two I plan on giving Dad and Judi. The rest were not looking very happy. The tags also got messed up – including the one I wanted to give our neighbors Ken and Nicole. So I planted them all yesterday and put up Walls of Water and red mulch film to keep the little plants warm.
One thing I discovered about the water walls – the Wall of Water brand seemed to last the winter better than the Gardeneer brand water walls. The Gardeneers had a lot more leaks – I ended up tossing a lot of them. I usually like the Gardeneer brand products, I use the red mulch film, netting, stakes and pins and the garden Owl. I do not like their water walls.
So we are on our countdown to fresh tomatoes. The Tumbler tomato is supposed to be ripe in 49 days. That means I should have some cherry tomatoes on June 11th. The Tumbler didn’t loose its tag – so I know for sure which one it is.
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2 Responses to Anniversary Presents and Weekend activies

  1. Cherissa says:

    It sounds like you had a great time at the concert! ….  I love the "what?" part, you have to laugh at that I think its kinda cute 🙂 
    I hope everything else is going well!
    Smile! And have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!

  2. Tanya says:

    I\’ve always wanted one of those little greenhouses… there a way to anchor it down so the wind won\’t affect it so much?  You\’ll have to post how everything does in there, I\’m anxious to hear about it.  I hope you have a great Monday!  ~Tanya

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