Tomatoes for the Garden

We went to an annual Tomato Plant Sale up in St Helens on Saturday. This is our third year to attend this. We went with our friends Steve and Janet and then had brunch at the house. This sale is a fundraiser for the Columbia County Master Gardeners. They had 60 tomato varieties to choose from. What a decision! This year everyone was going for the short growing season tomatoes since we had such a crummy year last year.
This year I bought:
Cerise Orange
Early Girl (I got the last one)
Isis Candy
Paul Robeson
I plan on planting the Patio and the Tumbler in pots.
I also picked up some herbs:
Lemon Basil
Genovese Basil
Sweet Basil
We also picked up a Zucchini and two cucumbers (I don’t remember the varieties.)
The yard is starting to look pretty good – I have most of the beds ready to plant and recently started working on the flower bed. I have prepped a bed along our house to hold our bulb and flower transplates so I can redo our flower bed to make space for the Chiminea and Turkey Frying area.
There is still a lot to do. It is nice to look out and see the results.
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