Weigh In tonight

I have my Weight Watchers weigh-in tonight. I am not looking forward to it after such a bad one last week. I do hope I will have lost something, not gained like I did last week.
This week I researched what my weight should be for my height and frame size. Though I always thought I knew I thought I would research it a little more.
I found one site to determine my frame size:
Yes, I do have a small frame. Still.
I then found a height/weight chart that is broken down by frame size.
This was a table published by Metropolitan Life, but they do not seem to have it on their website. They do have a lot of other helpful articles and information though.
Anyway, according to the chart, if you are more than 30% over the top range of the weight, you are obese. I was obese, but am NO LONGER! Granted I am only 1 pound into the "overweight" category, but I am not obese. This fact really helped me get through a discouraging weigh-in.
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