Anniversary and other things

Well our anniversary is here. For all my thinking and planning, our celebration is pretty simple. Mom is taking Carl overnight, we are goiong to Red Lobster for dinner. Rich would really like to open a special bottle of wine from ’93 – the year we met. I picked up the mats at Costco (not romantic, but he wants them). I found an online card with a quote from Albert Einstein – inside I put "3 is a magic number."
Yes, garage mats for a gift and Albert Einsten for a card – my husband is a nerd. He took the nerd test I found on Tanya’s blog:
and scored a 96.
Today I need to pick up a card and figure out how to wrap the mats. I got on Red Lobster website to look up what I could eat that would work on the diet. At first I was a little bummed, but there is a lot of good stuff I could eat and stay on course:
Here are the sites I use for ecards:
This weekend we hiked from the Auduban Society to the Pittock Mansion. It isn’t a long hike, but it is steep. Carl walked all the way up. He did so good! We got to the top and he started hollering for macaroni and cheese. He was hungry. Rich carried him down and we went out to Leonardo’s, our favorite place for pizza.
Sunday we went to Costco. The new coupon book had gone into effect and we went to go get our deals. When we were checking out, Rich was loading the items on the belt, while I was making sure we had all the correct coupons clipped. Carl during this time decided to get into my purse and pull out my tampons. That is life with a little one.
Monday we did the zoo with my dad (my stepmother was out of town visiting her sister.) Since it was a gray Monday, the zoo was somewhat empty that morning, which is always nice. Carl loves to see the "aminimals" and the "ringtan bess" (organutan best) and "monees" (monkeys) are also a fave.
Yesterday we went to the Costco by my mom’s. They had the garage mats (the one in Aloha where we went Sunday did not). I also bought more coupon items – my mom and I share coupons but Costco will only honor one per trip. While we were there, Carl decided he wanted to get flowers for MeeMee (my grandma, his great grandma) so we went to the flower display. He at first wanted to get some purplish roses, till he saw the bouquet of irises and cala lillies. So that is what we got. When we got to the house, he carried the bouquet, leaning it back over his shoulder like a fishing pole. It was pretty cute.
I forgot the final installment to the Pampered Chef pan story. I received my new pan and lid last week and they were perfect. I don’t know why their top of the line pan warped, but they did take care of it.
So I am now back to having faith in the products again. I love the chopper. The thing I use the most is the little bamboo tongs. Carl and Rich love english muffins, so I pull them out of the toaster with the little tongs.
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