Herb garden

I have started putting together my herb garden for the year. I chose to do the garden in pots as some of them can get out of control easily.
Last year I bought some new herbs later in the season – lovage and sorrel. I planted them inbetween tomato plants since I didn’t have any more room in pots last year. They were coming back this year, so I transfered them to a pot. I didn’t have any new potting soil, but I did have some good compost, so I think they will do well.
With the great weather here, Carl and I have been working in the garden everyday for an hour or so. Ok I work and Carl puts rocks in the garden, the yard debris bin and brings them to me for inspection and discussion. Despite the help, I am seeing some progress in the yard.
Today I would like to get some potting soil and finish planting the herbs that I have.
Tonight is Weight Watchers weigh in. I am going to an earlier meeting so Rich and I can go to a talk tonight. We went to the series last year, when they were on Fridays. This year they are all on Thursdays, which makes it difficult to find a sitter.
We went to the Tapas tasting at New Seasons on Sunday. I loved the oil soaked almonds. The dishes they served were ok, but I didn’t LOVE them. There were some recipes that sounded good. I will scan them and post them as soon as the scanner is working again.
I started putting together another box for my niece Lisa. More stuff that Carl has grown out of, plus I bought a little outfit. There is so much more baby girl stuff out there.  I also want to make her a blanket like my stepmother made for Carl. We are still using the blankets she made.
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