Garfield Estates and Patricia Green Cellars

I recently was reminded of a Colorado wine that I tried my last summer in Colorado (before I got pregnant of course!) I had volunteered at the Lafayette Wine Festival with some friends and we were walking the booths after we were done working. My friend Andy ran into a man he knew in high school, who was there with his new winery. The winery was Garfield Estates and the former classmate was Jeff Carr. They had a 2000 Merlot, a 2001 Vin Rose and a 2001 Fume Blanc. I remember liking the Merlot and really liking the Fume Blanc, even though I was more of a red wine drinker. I  have Jeff’s card and the label off the white. In checking the website I am happy to see that they are doing well.
Garfield estates website:
Lafayette, Colorado Wine Festival website:
On Thursday, to celebrate my weight loss, we opened a bottle of Patricia Green Cellars – Eason Vinyard 2004 Pinot Noir. The wine was wonderful – full bodied and fruity and I enjoyed every drop of my 4 oz. We picked this up at the pre-Thanksgiving weekend wine tasting.
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