Weigh In update

My Weight Watchers meeting was last night. I was down 2.4 lbs, for a total of 11.8 lbs total. It really feels good. I am .2 lbs away from moving down a "Point Level." I plan on enjoying those 2 points each day.
Last night at the meeting we talked about benefits we are receiving besides a lower number when we step on the scale. So this morning I am thinking about it:
1. My clothing is fitting better. Most pieces of clothing are designed for women with waists smaller than their breast and hips.
2. My cooking is getting better. It is easy to dress up food with delicious cream or butter-based sauces. I am really pround of my mustard sauce and lime sauce.
3. My treats have also gone up in quality. If I am going to eat a piece of chocolate – it is going to be GOOD chocolate.
4. I am not as tired after doing household chores.
5. I am finding interesting things for my son that will also get me exercise. The zoo walks are great – he is learning a lot about the "amininals," and I get a good walk; especially up the hill at the end when I am pushing Carl in the stroller.
6. I generally feel better.
7. This is a big one – I can carry Carl a lot more easily now.
I got my camera hooked up to the computer finally and uploaded my photos. I tried to print out photos for my grandmother and for Rich’s dad. Still need to work on the system and the printer to fix that, but I not discouraged like I was the other day.
Yesterday I thought I would take Carl to the Lloyd Center for a walk. They have an ice rink in the center that I thought would interest him.
It was a bit of a surprise to see how much the mall had changed. I worked at Lloyd Center from 1982-1984 at Hickory Farms. I did stop in once after the remodel, but I had forgotten how extensive it was. I parked by Nordstroms. I wanted to check out the children’s section for a pair of pants for Carl and my favorite sections to see what they had different from Washington Square. I got to the door and no handicap access button. I was a bit disappointed. It made the store a lot less inviting when you have to struggle to get in the door – I am not handicapped, but the accessability features help when you have a stroller. The store was big (3 stories) with a good selection, but the whole door thing really made it and the rest of the mall less inviting.
We then walked to Starbucks where I got a fat free Latte. The employees there were VERY nice. We then walked down to the skating rink. Carl couldn’t see much from his stroller (we were on the bottom level) so we went up to the second level. When we found a seat, the Zamboni started. With Carls love of large vehicles, I thought he would like it. No, it was not that exciting to him. So we went to the third level to McDonalds for his order of fries. Small fries at the Lloyd Center McDonalds are 35 cents more than at Washington Square.
We then walked back to Nordstroms. On the way I saw one store that was the same, in almost the same spot, as when I worked there 20+ years ago. The Carmel Corn Shop – it really still looked the same inside too!
So we headed home – with a shorter walk and a longer drive. It was something different though.
This weekend should be fun. We are going to Gardenpalooza tomorrow and the Tapa tasting on Sunday. I hope to find some good herb plants at Gardenpalooza.
April 1-2 Tapa tasting at New Seasons Market 11am -5 pm
April 1 Gardenpalooza 8am-4pm (we have gone for the past two years and had a lot of fun!)
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3 Responses to Weigh In update

  1. Fay says:

    You go girl!! Keep it up!! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you, enjoy it!!!

  2. Audrey says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!!!  That\’s huge.  Weight Watchers is awesome.  I used it to drop about 20 pounds after I had my daughter.  I love the point system and trying to find all the 1 point or no point items. 
    You should walk Multnomah Falls too.  GREAT workout.

  3. Brett says:

    Thanks for stopping by, and I believe that La Dolce Vita and The Eggshell are both doing well.
    I\’m always surprised how many people I run into who have spent some time living in Colorado. Don\’t forget about all the vineyards in Colorado.
    Always Buy Colorado (ABC)

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