Quiet Day

Today I thought I would try to get Carl to the zoo for a walk. I packed up snacks and was ready to go early. Carl got up late and acted pretty tired. I then saw that the morning gray was not burning off – and it was a bit drizzly. Carl started coughing and wanted to go to "Mamas Bee" my bed. So we took the snacks up to my room and watched TV till he got a little more energy. No walk today.
Carl lately plays with the laudry baskets, calling them basketball hoops. This morning he was curling up in one with his blanket and pretending to sleep. I took some pictures of that.
After Carl perked up I came downstairs to upload the photos from my camera to the computer, only to discover that the cable is gone. I have no idea where to even look. It is really discoraging. Between loosing the hard drive and all pictures of Carl since he was born at Christmas – to now I can do nothing with what I have taken. It is just really discouraging. It makes me want to just pack up all the electronic stuff and go buy some disposable cameras.
I think I got discouraged because I felt so productive yesterday – I wanted to keep that going. It felt good accomplishing more than cooking and the laundry.
After lunch Carl really wanted to play basketball, so we went on the back porch and shot baskets. After we shot, we walked a little to look at the garden to see what was growing. The neighbor boy came to the fence to say hello. This was unusual in that he is autistic and has looked through us for the past two plus years.
Since I liked the first quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt so much, I looked to see if she really said it. I found it on one website that had a number of her quotes:
I also found this one that I like a lot, too:
Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water!
Eleanor Roosevelt
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One Response to Quiet Day

  1. Silliest Schnauzer says:

    That quote that applies to women equally applies to men too… and it is soooo true!  I have constantly been tested this way, and have tea stains all over my life:)  Seriously, I do like tea.  It\’s good!  And especially British Tea… no throwing their tea overboard!  (and I don\’t live in Boston either!)
    Have a good one!
    Mark (upon a 4 am wakeup by a dream)

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