I finally got a big project done today – shipping things out. I shipped my Pampered Chef pan in for a return, a small box to Rich’s mom and a very large box to Rich’s niece. Once I got to the shipping plce (Postal Annex), everything went really smoothly. The owner helped me quite a bit, even getting some pens and paper out for Carl to play with.
The box to Lisa (Rich’s niece) was filled with maternity clothes, nursing clothes and baby clothes. She is due with her first baby in six weeks.
I also really needed to get that pan in. I miss using it and want my new one – it was the perfect size to make Macaroni and Cheese for Carl.
Yesterday we tried something new to get green vegetables into Carl: we added spinach to our regular pepperoni pizza. It probably isn’t bad for Rich or me either.
I finally got a walk in today. We went to the mall for a walk after shipping the boxes. I figured he wouldn’t be too close to other children (as he would at the zoo) but I could get some exercise. It has been over a week since our zoowalks/mallwalks and my ablounger use at moms. I am noticing a difference. I liked the flatter stomach and want it back.
While walking the mall I always walk through Nordstroms. The restrooms are the nicest in the mall and I have always loved the clothing. While I am not too crazy about the trendy stuff right now, they have a lot of good basic pieces. I keep my eye on the Reduced Price racks and when something I like is gone, I go to The Rack that night to see if it is there. If it did get sent to The Rack, it usually has another markdown. That was how I recently picked up a Faconnable blouse that way.
Carl’s fever now developed into a cold, so it will be longer until I can take him to see his MeeMee, bummer.
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2 Responses to Accomplishment

  1. Cherissa says:

    Awwwe I hope Carl starts to feel better soon 😦 never fun feeling yucky. I hope you have a GREAT week!!

  2. Fay says:

    Glad to hear your dinner was a success…you GO girl!!!!  It sounds SO yummy too!! I\’m starting to keep my fitday journal again today to track cal.,fat etc.  I\’ve put on 12 lbs. since last year this time and would be MUCH happier to lose it all or at least 10 of it!!!!  I\’m kinda stressed out though b/c I still walk that line btwn. healthy and obsessive and think I probably always will.  oh well!!! 
    Glad to hear you got a lot accopmlished to w/shipping pkgs. etc.  It always feels so relieving to get things done!!!!

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