Diet dinner and company and good wine

Yesterday evening’s event went off well.
I talked to Rich immediately about the "butter teasing." He said that it was Carmen, he didn’t think it was a good idea, and she was just trying to be funny.  I let it go – even though I would never joke about things she is really sensitive about.
So not to be guilty about anything I eat, I planned my dishes and wrote out a points budget. Here is the menu:
Spinach Salad with cucumber, shredded carrots, golden bell pepper with fat free vinagerette dressing – 0 points
Pasta with Kalamata olives – 5 points
Broccolli with Lime Sauce – 0 points
King Crab, 4 oz – 2 points
1 T butter and 1 T olive oil mixed together for crab – 6 points
2 glasses of wine, 4 oz each – 4 points
1 Moonstruck chocolate – 3 points
This is a 20 point dinner, my daily budget is 24. So I really had to plan my eating day out.
Breakfast helped, I was almost out of cereal and milk, only had a half serving left, so I only had half servings. I was concerned that I wouldn’t get all my calcium in for the day, so I took 3 Tums with my morning vitamin. For lunch I used my Curry Consumme to make a vegetable soup – 0 points. I really got hungry for something of substance at around 3:00 pm – so I ate an 1 oz of cheese (it was a flavored Hickory Farms cheese -nummy).
Carmen brought some nice french bread that I didn’t touch – I thought it would be just too much. That was the only thing I had to miss out on, it wasn’t so bad. If I wanted to I could have weighed a piece and counted it.
During dinner I weighed and measured out everything that had points associated with it. I measured out my pasta before adding the tomatos and removed all my crab from the shell and weighed it – then poured the butter/oil mixture over it instead of dipping. It worked out fine.
Since I planned ahead, I didn’t have guilt about the chocolate, plus I got GOOD chocolate and GOOD wine.
Both Carmen and Rich got into the act, when they poured my wine, they had my glass on the scale and were very careful to get exactly 4 oz.
Carmen brought a Monkey Bay Chardonnay. It was a nice, slightly sweet Chardonnay from New Zealand.
We opened a 2004 Shea Pinot Noir – East Hill Vinyard. This was the only Shea wine that we didn’t order futures. It was also our favorite when we went to the tasting to pick up our futures. It also became our lesson to take more notes when we taste futures.
I consider the dinner a success – the food was good (especially the lime sauce with the broccolli). I only used 2 of my weekly extra points. We got to catch up with Carmen. It was a fun evening!
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One Response to Diet dinner and company and good wine

  1. Tanya says:

    I\’m so happy to hear the dinner went well.  It sounds like everything turned out delicious!  Have a great night!  ~Tanya

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