Liver Health

No not eating the stuff – your own liver. My stepmother is recently a book on liver health with a cleansing diet. It made me think back to when I was having liver problems. The two signs I remember (this was a few years ago) were really itchy skin and pain in my liver area (both on the front and back below my right ribcage) I think it was a result of bad diet – some diet drugs that are now banded, eating poorly and more alcohol than I should have drank while dieting. I researched my symptoms on the ‘net, found out what I could do about it and talked to my doctor at my physical that was a few weeks later.
I found a few sites, but one stuck in my mind: 50 Ways to Love Your Liver by the Liver Foundation
So I quit drinking for a while, started drinking more water, ate lots of salads and vegetables and took a milk thistle supplement.
At my physical, I told my doctor of my symptoms and told her what I had done. I also told her that symptoms weren’t there anymore. To be on the safe side, she ran the extra liver health tests. She said my liver was fine. I also haven’t had troubles since. Ok, troubles with my liver since…. (my weight is another matter.)
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