More fun things coming up

I love spring – there are so many fun things going on! I am making this list to help myself remember dates and ideas:
April 1-2 Tapa tasting at New Seasons Market 11am -5 pm
April 1 Gardenpalooza 8am-4pm (we have gone for the past two years and had a lot of fun!)
April 12 – anniversary, still working on that one…
April 16 – The Wiggles
April 22 – Tomato Sale in St Helens OR
April 22-24 – Chris Botti with the Oregon Symphony (I am hoping this will be my anniversary present!)
June 24 – July 2 – Day out with Thomas
Carl is feeling better. His fever is down, but now cold symptoms seem to be setting in. He is in much better spirits though. This morning he sure was cranky – but he woke up early. I got him some milk (that was all he wanted) and he went back to sleep. He later woke up much more agreeable.
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2 Responses to More fun things coming up

  1. Tired Mama says:

    note to Leslie — add a date – June 10- My friend Mandy\’s birthday 🙂
    Hope Carl gets better!

  2. Tanya says:

    Glad to hear Carl is starting to feel better.  The Gardenpalooza sounds like something I would really enjoy.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂  ~Tanya

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