Healthy Dietary fat

The recent conversation at my Weight Watchers meeting on healthy oil, it got me interested in the variety of oils available. I also got my oil and vinegar book back and have been re-reading it. There was also an article in the Oregonian that I clipped, but was turned into art by a two year old in my house. It was really helpful because it had a chart on the breakdown of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, plus how to read the dietary labels of packaged foods. I found the information on the World Pantry Website:
I also found this site which had some good explanations about dietary fat: 
The site includes a lot of information on what oil does what. Here is a summary and ways to remember which fat and cholestoral is which:
Saturated Fat ( SF *) The Bad Fat
MonoUnSaturated Fat ( MUSF *) The Good Fat
PolyUnSaturated Fat ( PUSF *) The Good Fat
Trans Fat ( TF *) The Ugly Fat
HDL ( Happy or good Cholesterol )
LDL ( Lousy or bad Cholesterol )
Dr. David Katz had a fun comment on dietary oil:
"Look for ‘partially hydrogenated oil’ on the ingredient list, and if you see it, step away from the box, and nobody will get hurt"
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