Planning out food

Last night I made my curry dish for dinner. I had to modify it as I had used quite a bit of my points already that day.
I didn’t saute the onion, simply chopped it and cooked it in the broth. I also left out the potatoes and the tumeric. I cooked everything in one pot.
1 onion chopped
8 cloves of garlic 
1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms 
20 baby carrots 
1 c broccolli 
4 oz chicken breast cooked, chopped
3c stock 
4 thai peppers 
8 stalks of cilantro 
1t cumin
1t ginger
1t  curry
I ate half of this with a little lime juice and .25 oz of chopped peanuts on top.
This was 3 Weight Watchers points.
I made the peanut sauce on the side and only put it on Rich’s dish and served it over white rice.
Since I am getting a bit sick of plain carrots, I made up some easy zero or 1 point snacks to keep on hand.
Salsa (homemade of course)!1pkwUDM7dk8JfCWhqD64ovsQ!219.entry
Grapes (though they tend to go bad quickly)
Boil extra new potatoes
I liked the dish from last night, so today I am making up the broth, so I can easily add vegetables for a soup.
1 onion chopped
1 head of cloves of garlic 
4c stock 
8 thai peppers 
1T cilantro  (I had to use dried, I ran out of fresh)
1t cumin
1t ginger
1t curry
This way I can add the mushrooms, broccolli, and carrots for a zero point soup and potatoes for a 1 point soup.
Carl isn’t feeling too good today. His temp is up a bit and all he wants to do is sleep. So he is sleeping – in "Momma’s Be."  Poor little guy.
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