Family, Diet Setbacks and fun things for my son

My cousin Debbie came to visit today – it was so good to see her! I hadn’t seen her since my wedding. She was in town from Las Vegas (where she lives) visiting an old friend. Debbie, my dad, stepmom, stepsiste, Carl and I all met for breakfast, then we took her to the train.
Carl loved the train – he was so facinated by the machinery. He also loved the station.
My setback was breakfast. I should have ordered oatmeal and been done with it, but no, I order a real breakfast to split with Carl. He ate the bacon and english muffin, I ate the hash browns and half the eggs. Will see how weighin is Thursday.
For the next six months at least I need to just say oatmeal.
After the great Train viewing, Judi thought it would be fun if I took Carl, Jacob and Logan (my nephews) to Seattle on the train. She thought it would be a fun experience. The Portland to Seattle round trip isn’t dirt cheap, but it isn’t an outrageous cost.
This summer Thomas will be in the Portland area. I have it on the calendar.
I also heard back from the Seattle Symphony, here is the email:
Thank you for your email. Here are links to upcoming Tiny Tots (for kids birth to age 5) and Discover Music! concerts (age 5-12).
Link to Tiny Tots April 4 and 8:
Link to April 15 Discover Music!:
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One Response to Family, Diet Setbacks and fun things for my son

  1. Tanya says:

    The Symphony sounded great, I called though and they were all sold out – so disappointing.  I think Logan would have liked and the tickets were so reasonable.  I\’ll have to keep it in mind for next year.  Have a great day!  ~Tanya

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