Back to sensible

Garlic Chicken
Chicken breast – skinless deboned (will use to make stock)
1 cup chicken stock
8-10 cloves garlic whole (about 3/4 a head)
cook at 350° for hour uncoverd
Better Brown Rice
1/2 cup brown rice
1 cup chicken stock (homemade of course)
bring to a boil, then simmer covered for 45 min or until liquid is gone.
Looks like a Spring Garden
1-1/2 c fresh spinach
1/2 fresh orange bell pepper chopped
steam for 4 minutes
serve with lemon pepper and vinegar
 Dill/Horseradish Mushrooms
6 large white mushrooms
1/4 c fat free ricotta cheese
2 T fat free yogurt
1 t horseradish
2 t Knorr Garden Dill dip mix
Mushroom stems, cheese, yogurt, horseradish and dip mix into food processor until blended. Place mushroom caps on "back" and fill whole with mixture. Sprinkle with paprika and bake for 5 min at 350°.
2 oz of chicken
1/2 of the garlic
about 1/2 the spinach/pepper
2 mushrooms
1/2 cup rice
2 points for the chicken, 1 point for the mushrooms, 2 points for the rice – 5 Points total
Carl has finally gotten over disliking his boots. My Dad and Stepmom bought him the cutest little red boots that he refused to wear – screaming and kicking them off. He has started putting them on himself (wrong feet of course) and wearing them around, and running outside with his pajamas and red boots.
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2 Responses to Back to sensible

  1. Cherissa says:

    Awwwe that would make for an adorable photo…. Carl and his red boots 🙂 glad hes starting to take a liking to them!

  2. Tricia says:

    I\’m impressed with your recipe!  🙂  I am so impatient that the idea of making my own stock is crazy!  LOL  I bought a tub of chicken base from Sysco and I just mix it with water to start my chicken broth based recipes.
    I haven\’t been able to fall in love with brown rice either, just too blah for me.  Maybe with chicken stock it wouldn\’t be so bad but I\’d rather just eat veggies most of the time.

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