Back from the trip

We are back from our weekend adventure. We drove to my Dad’s house north of Vancouver Washington on Friday and stayed overnight there. From there we all drove in Dad and Judi’s van to my Uncles in Kenmore outside Seattle.
I was concerned about sticking to my diet over the weekend. I packed my Weight Watchers books, my scale, my cereal, my fat free extra calcium milk and my baby carrots. I forgot my snack bars and grapes. Judi gave me some cantalope that was already cut up.
Our first stop is on the road at a Burgerville. We all love Burgerville. While I would have loved to eat the the blue cheese and Tillamook Cheddar burger, I order their spicy bean garden burger. I then try to figure out the points. Argghh it was hard to find. It would have been easier for me to just eat Carl’s kids cheeseburger (of which he only ate two bites) and a green salad. I fill in the diet with carrots and cantalope in the car. I also ate some of Judi’s fries.
Note to self: eat carrots and cantalope BEFORE walking into the fast food place so I am not RAVENOUS.
We got to my Uncle Dennis’ home, get settled in and call both brother’s homes. The single brother comes right over (he lives about 1/2 hour away in Magnolia) the married brother is car buying and will head up as soon as they finish signing the papers. It was fun getting to catch up with my Uncle, brothers and their families.
That night we went to a Chinese resturaunt in Kenmore (about two blocks from the entrance to my Uncle’s community). We went early so they could seat the 12 of us easily. We ordered a bunch of plates and ate family style. I had eaten my carrots before we left so I was not ravenous again. I stuck to my hot and sour soup and no appetizers. I ordered mu shoo pork. No one else really liked doing the roll up thing, but they loved the meat dish for inside. The wraps were the only thing (besides fortune cookies) we could get Carl to try. He wouldn’t even eat the rice, though he started asking for French Fries. I ate three (should have stuck to two) and picked the broccolli out of a broccolli chicken dish. So I over did it a little that night. I skipped birthday cake or even berries.
Carl had so much fun with his cousins. He got to sit next to Angelina at dinner (she is sixteen). David (age 12) played hide the rings with him. Carl’s favorite was Joel who is 7. Joel and Carl play together. It is really fun to watch.
After my brothers left, we were sitting talking and we realized my uncle was really sick – and not saying anything to us. So Judi and I helped him get his bed made and got him to bed. He was better in the morning, but we are still VERY worried about him.
The next morning I got up and ate my cereal and ultra fat free milk. Dennis then gets up and makes one of his wonderful breakfast of mini quiches, bacon and hashbrowns. I weigh out some hashbrowns. I can’t resist.
We then talk a while more – Dennis told me about a children’s program through the Seattle Symphony – I guess it is a few times a year. The website says there are two, Tiny Tots and Discover Music. I have sent an email in to find out more. It would be a fun thing to do with Dennis, if he is interested…
So we hit the road, getting lost trying to find the Costco near Dennis’ house, so we decide to get gas elsewhere. We stop for gas and lunch on the south side of Tacoma. Judi thought Sizzle with its nice salad bar would be good for me. It seemed to work – I made a big no-point salad with lots of fresh pico de gallo salsa on it. They had some small flour tortillas so I made some soft tacos with mushrooms cheese and salsa. They seem to do the trick. I top it off with slice of watermelon. I really really want to hit the dessert bar and eat a big plate of nachos with tons of sour cream or the fried chicken wings at the salad bar. Judi tells me they really aren’t worth it – this really helps a lot. I do like Sizzler and all the things listed, but if I am going to have a dessert I would rather have a small amount of REALLY good chocolate, and my homemade nachos with my own cheese blends are so much better than melted processed cheese. Ok one more crisis averted.
I discover back at Dad’s that I have forgotten Judi’s container at Dennis’. I feel so stupid. I hate it when I do that.
So we head back to our house. That night I make a nice sensible dinner and finish it off with a Weight Watcher peanut butter/chocolate chip snack bar (I love them – they taste a lot like Scotch A Roos.) Then the problems start again. We had boxed up Carl’s dinner from Sizzler – grilled cheese and fries, as well as some of his leftover nachos from another meal. I break down and eat one of the sandwiches and some of the cold congealed nachoes. Bad Leslie. The sandwich is grilled on the cheesy toast they serve there, I know it is bad for me. Well I guess it is another week of a very tiny weight loss….
So today things are back to normal. I am eating what I should and drinking lots of water. I hope I didn’t blow it too bad the last two days. 
Ok I am going to end this on positive thoughts. It was great seeing my brothers and uncle again. I did a lot right on the diet this weekend. I learned some more things about my actions:
1. Always eat a "no-points" vegetable before going into a restaurant
2. Plan what you are going to eat before going into the restaurant
3. The "bad" stuff in restaurants isn’t always worth it (from Judi)
4. Don’t beat yourself up if you do mess up (thanks Chere)
5. Don’t bring home the meal Carl (my son) won’t eat – it is too tempting to have it around
The next trip to Seattle I will do better – I have learned where more of my weaknesses are!
Now time to get back to the diet!
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2 Responses to Back from the trip

  1. Tanya says:

    Going on trips are always a downfall for diets.  So many bad, bad choices!  Oh well, now that you\’re back home you\’ll be able to make up for it.  Sounds like you had a good trip and I\’m glad we had some nice weather while you were visiting the area!!  ~Tanya

  2. Kevin says:

    You were right in our neighborhood – sorta…bout 20 miles away. Anyway, sounds like you had fun. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Take care! Kevin

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