Weigh In Day – Weight Watchers end of week 3

Well I had my weigh in and I was up .4 lbs. The woman who weighed me in was VERY discrete about it and told me not to worry. One of the women said she never wore jeans to weigh in they weigh more than other pants. So when I got home, I weighed my jeans against the pants I had worn for other weigh ins. Sure enough, the jeans weighed 10 oz MORE than the regular pants. That meant I actually lost 3.6 ounces. Ok it wasn’t much but I will take what I can get to keep myself encouraged.
I know what I did wrong. I ate the FULL amount of my points this week. This includes the Mexican Food Binge, a double chips with salsa (on another day) and stroganoff made with gravy and full strength sour cream instead of made with stock and yogurt or sour skim milk or low fat sour cream.
So I am planning ahead again. We are going to Seattle to visit family this weekend. I will take my own scale, cereal, snacks and frozen lunches. I am going to beat this!
Since I did actually loose weight, Rich and I opened a good bottle of wine last night. Hey- it encourages Rich to encourage me to loose weight. We opened the Rockblock Syrah – 2003 Del Rio Vineyard by Domaine Serene. My 4 ounces sure were good.
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2 Responses to Weigh In Day – Weight Watchers end of week 3

  1. Tanya says:

    Hope you have a great trip up here.  Hopefully the weather will hold up – right now it\’s pretty sunny out.  Mike actually went out golfing this morning.  Have fun visiting your family.

  2. Cherissa says:

    Congratulations!!!! I know it wasn\’t much and I know it can be discouraging but I also know you won\’t let that get you down….YOU CAN DO IT!!!! This is very inspiring for me and perhaps others as well! So take every ounce you lose and celebrate!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my space…I had to temporarily make it private because some person found he or she ought to leave rude comments on many of my posts. Though they were not taken to heart… its still unnecessary and rude. I feel sorry for whom ever took the time to say such horrible things…. perhaps somewhere in their life they had such meanness dealt to them….
    Moving on 🙂
    I love Seattle!!! Every thing about it…the weather…the people….everything! I hope you have a beautiful visit!!!
    Keep up the GREAT work!!! Be gentle with your self as well…know that if you overindulge (hey it happens) that you can get right back on track and push your self to do better. The worst you can do is get down on your self….
    Take care! 🙂

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