Olive Oil Tasting

When I visited my Mom today, I got my Oil book back (The Good Cook’s Book of Oil and Vinegar by Michelle Anna Jordan).
We did a comparison tasting of the three different olive oils that she had in the house. Here are the results:
Tenuta Colifiorilo Castel Madama – extra virgin olive oil
She bought it at New Seasons. She said it was expensive. I do not think it was worth it, the flavor was bland with a sharp aftertaste of soap
 Martubus Kalamata – extra virgin olive oil
This was purchased at Trader Joes and is from Greece. The flavor is very mild, but still has the classic olive oil flavors
KirklandTascano November/December 2005 harvest – extra virgin olive oil
This had a sharp flavor, but not unpleasant. There was a hint of green apples in the flavor
So the Costco and Trader Joes oil were very good.
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One Response to Olive Oil Tasting

  1. Tanya says:

    This might sound strange but I hate olives but use olive oil, but I don\’t like the taste of it plain.  The same with tomatoes – can\’t stand them plain but love any sauce made with them, ketchup, and salsa.  I love Trader Joe\’s, when we first moved out here I thought it was a weird store but now I\’ve found that alot of their stuff is cheaper than at a standard grocery store and better for you!!  Can\’t beat that 🙂  Have a great Thursday (it\’s raining up here too!)  ~Tanya

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