Chicken and fixing things

Tuesday was fun. We stopped by my mom’s for a little bit. Mom hadn’t seen Carl is a while and was going through baby withdrawl. He also had been saying Manya and MeeMee quite a bit lately. Manya (my mom) could only be there for about a half hour then had a dentist appointment. So Carl went and entertained MeeMee (my grandma) doing puzzles and drawing. We stayed for about 45 minutes after mom left – I didn’t want to wear Grandma out.
I think with this diet Grandma is my biggest support. She wants to hear how I am doing, supports what I am doing and tells me I look great.
Since I am now on my third week of Weight Watchers, I am to add exercise to my routine and count it in my points. Zoo days are no problem – that is a good walk, especially the walk up the hill at the end pushing a tired two year old in a stroller. Yesterday I used my mom’s Ablounger for ten minutes, then Carl and I walked Washington Square Mall. We parked by Sears and walked to the far end. I got Carl some french fries at McDonalds and walked back. We stopped at Meier and Frank – I was looking for a belt and socks for Carl (no luck) then at Williams Sonoma and bought some tiny scrapping and spoon spatulas. By this time Carl had fallen asleep in the stoller so we went home. He took a good nap – he stayed asleep when I brought him in.
For Dinner I made the Chicken Cordon Bleu for Rich. I did end up substituting sour cream for heavy cream and cream of mushroom with garlic soup for the cream of chicken soup.
For me I rolled some ricotta cheese up in the chicken and cooked it in a little olive oil, chicken stock and sliced fresh mushrooms. Points – 5.
Rich got to be Mr Fix It when he got home from work. The dishwasher started leaking – we noticed water on the floor in the morning, then more in the afternoon after I ran the dishwasher again. Fortunately it was something that needed tightening – but he still had to take the thing apart and receive help from our two year old.  One of the tightening straps on Carls pants also slipped and went back into his pants. I was upstairs folding laundry and when I came downstairs, Rich is on the computer and Carl is running around with his pants falling down. It was cute – his little pullups were hanging out. So Rich got so needle nose pliers to pull the tightening strap out and buttoned it up again.
I weighed myself this morning – even though our scale is WAY off, it give me an idea of where I am in regards to my weight. I don’t think I lost much, if anything this week. So to feel like I was making progress, I dug out a pair of jeans that are a 14/15. I am wearing them! Granted they are very snug around the waist (my big problem area) but I can wear them.
I have a lot of jeans in a variety of sizes since I bought regular jean in larger sizes for the first 6 months of my pregnancy. I lived 1 mile from the Rocky Mountain Clothing Company, and its wonderful outlet store in Denver. I picked up my jeans (all seconds) in the back room for $6 each. Granted I did buy some stuff up front for a little more money, but the majority of my black jeans and blue jeans cost me a whopping $6. I don’t know if they are still as cheap there – but I plan on stopping there my next time in Denver to see.  The are located on the north side of Denver, west of I-25 at the 84th street exit. (If anyone has an opportunity to go to Denver that is reading this…)
I packed up a lot of Carl’s 2T and 24 month clothing. It is always makes me sad – he is growing so fast!
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2 Responses to Chicken and fixing things

  1. Tanya says:

    I\’m glad to hear the dinner turned out.  Mike requests it at least once a month – and it\’s so simple to make 🙂  Can\’t wait to hear the results of your WW – I\’m sure you\’re doing great. 
    I just packed up Logan\’s 3-6 mos. clothing – I almost started crying because time goes by way too fast!!  Hope you have a great day!  ~Tanya

  2. Tired Mama says:

    Congrats on wearing the skinny jeans — thats exciting and i understand about how it feels to pack up Carl\’s baby clothes… Olivia is wearing a size 8 and she is 6 years old… not to mention the fact that she is 4 feet tall! Keep up the good work on the diet!

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