Eating Out

We ate out at another restaurant yesterday. Friday we were going to try Applebees (they advertise a Weight Watchers friendly menu), but it didn’t work out wit Rich’s poker game and Carl’s nap. So Carl and I went out for pizza (his request) when he woke up.
So Saturday after unsuccessfully getting Rich to get up for a walk through the zoo or a hike up to the Pittock Mansion, he did want to eat. So we went to Tillamook Restaurant. They had a small "light" menu. I ordered the vegetarian tacos. I would have been ok if I had eaten two only but I had to eat all three, oh well.
We then went over to Nordstroms Rack, looking for some new shoes for Carl. They didn’t have much for boys in his size, but we did find a good pair of tennis shoes on sale. Rich got some flip-flops for himself and I found a beautiful rose cardigan marked down from 100 to $20. I love that store.
I made soup stock this past week again. It is one of the cooking activities that I really love doing. Don’t get me wrong I obviously love cooking, but for some reason making my own stock is a matter a pride. Here is the recipe:
We will see if I can get Rich out today – if not, I am going on my own. I can’t limit my exercise because of him.
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2 Responses to Eating Out

  1. Tanya says:

    Congrats on the good finds at The Rack!  I haven\’t been there for awhile – might have to stop next time I\’m over in Lynnwood.  Hope you had nice weather down there this weekend!  ~Tanya

  2. Cherissa says:

    Have a great day!! And congrats on your weight loss as stated in previous blog!!!!

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