Hair cut and Grandma

Today I took Carl to get a haircut. We go to a place that specializes in children’s cuts called ‘Kid’s Castle Cuts." It is great. The stools are all little cars. There are toys all over, plus the operators are trained to work with children. Between the movies, car chairs and toys, Carl does pretty well there. It is also close to my mother’s house so we have a tradition of stopping by mom’s afterwards to show Carl’s new cut.
Today we stopped by after stopping at the store for a rose (actually two single roses) for my grandma. I started buying her flowers a little more regularly after her 96th birthday in December 2005. We got her flowers then (and during her hospitalization for a stroke) and they really seemed to mean a lot to her. I had Carl give her a little china bud vase for Christmas (with a little butterfly on it). She loves it. So I try to fill it every couple of weeks with a rose that would look nice in it. The vase is in pale colors, so I have discovered a paler rose looks better in it.
We stopped at Fred Meyer for the roses since I knew they stock single roses. We picked our a white one and a pink one. The pink one was a little dark for the vase, but it was so pretty I had to get it, I figured it could be upstairs on the kitchen table, where she eats and works on her crosswords. We got back to the car and somehow Carl got his little hands on them. He broke the stem of the pink rose and squished the bloom on the white, damaging two of the petals.
Fortunately Grandma doesn’t look gift roses in the mouth. Actually she laughed when I told the story. I cut down the pink rose, Carl then had to carry it a while, which entertained Grandma even more, especially when he crawled under the table carefully holding the rose. Funny kid.
Grandma also told me how much the flowers mean. She enjoys looking at the flower in her room. At a time in her life when there really isn’t much in which to look forward, I like making things nicer for her. She was the one who always made me feel special when I was growing up. Everyone needs someone like that in their life, especially during childhood. It feels good being able to give her joy through flowers once a month and visits from my son.
I wanted to make a note on my weight loss. I was able to get back into my old "fat" jeans – then ones I wore during PMS in the days before I was pregnant. I have also been able to move the belt up to the tightest notch comfortably. Yeah!
I made pot roast last night. This time instead of cooking everything in gravy, I used water and made the gravy after everything was cooked. I then made gravy with the broth in the pan and brown gravy mix. I then didn’t use any gravy on my plate so I could eat everything else.
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4 Responses to Hair cut and Grandma

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey, good to see you on my site again!  So, haircut, huh?  Yeah, my son\’s father says it\’s time for him to go get his haircut.  I think it looks fine other than when it gets sweaty like now and sticks up everywhere.  My older daughter needs her haircut more, because it\’s getting longer and she hates fixing it. 

  2. Tanya says:

    That\’s so sweet that you get her flowers.  I\’ll have to keep that in mind when I go to visit my Grandma in May – I\’m sure she would love them!  The pot roast sounds great, might have to run and pick one up 🙂  Have a great day!  ~Tanya
    PS-the weeknight chicken cordon bleu is delicious!!  We probably have it at least a month.

  3. Cherissa says:

    This post made me cry…. just reading your words brought back so many wonderful memories of my Grandmother. She too had always enjoyed flowers of all kinds.
    I am sure it means the world to your Grandma. I can\’t even come up with the right words that may best describe it….
    Just the simplicity of a single rose can bring so much love, happiness, and comfort into your Grandmothers heart. For every time she looks at that delicate flower she will be filled with joy and thoughts of her loved ones….of you and your son.
    Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

  4. Tired Mama says:

    congratulations on the belt hole bump up — how exciting!

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