First weigh in

My first weigh in is tonight. I am sure it will go well, on our crumy home scale I have lost weight. How much and what I weigh are a mystery on that scale.
I didn’t know I could consumer so many vegetables in one week. I hope it helps. I did come up with something for fresh spinach. I use the stuff in the bag – it is cleaner than the bunches, but I still wash in.
1 cup fresh spinach
1 small can mushrooms in water
steam for 5 minutes
add Rasberry Vinager (not dressing just vinegar)
Weight Watcher Points – 0
Last night I took the leftover lentils, leftover brown rice and mixed it together with some olive oil. I took two Portobello mushrooms, pulled the stems and stuffed them with the mixture. I then put some of the roasted garlic on top and sprinkled curry and paprika on top and baked for 15 minutes at 350°. It turned out good and was very filling.
It only ended up being about a half a cup of the mixture in the mushroom. The difficulty with using leftovers like this is figuring out the points. I gave it 5.
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One Response to First weigh in

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey!  I was glad to see your comment.  Good luck on your weight loss.  I would like to lose between 5 and 10 pounds as well.  But I just took a couple of bites of strawberry cheesecake, so that won\’t help.  I\’m eating lots of fish lately. 

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