Getting my child to eat green vegetables

One of the most difficult things about being a parent is getting Carl to eat right.
Early on I had been really easy on him — trying to get anything down him because he was so skinny. Now I would say that he is average weight, but I can’t get him to eat any vegetables.
With my new look at my diet through Weight Watchers, I started looking at what Carl was eating and realized there were no vegetables other than artichokes going into the kid. That one still strikes me funny – what little kid loves artichokes?
Anyway, today I tried something new. He loves macaroni and cheese – no not anything homemade, but the box stuff. Oh well, I buy it in bulk at Costco and keep little containers of it ready to go. So I heated up his mac and cheese and chopped some fresh spinach with my handy Pampered Chef food chopper (I love that thing). At first he wouldn’t touch it — and begged for other food. I held fast. He started eating the mac that he could see any of the spinach on. Now he is eating bitefuls with a little showing and more hidden behind.
Next I plan on trying other fresh vegetables.
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2 Responses to Getting my child to eat green vegetables

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello!  How old is your son?  Mine (well, my youngest child and only son) is 3 and a half and is a very finicky eater as well.  He loves his chicken nuggets and that\’s about it.  But I make him eat whatever I\’m making within reason, if it\’s something I know he\’s eaten before.  He will even throw fits about his sandwiches he used to love so much now.  My daughters can  be pretty picky too, but they are older.  One is 10 and the other is 7and a half.  My older one complains pretty much about everything I make and my younger one will not complain, but may choose not to eat it.  No snacks. 

  2. Heidi says:

    Shawn does really good with I did the same thing but with broccoli and carrots. Shawn was also underweight. He still is on the lower side but he eats EVERYTHING. He also likes to eat veggies with "dip" dip is usually ranch, italian dressing, blue cheese dressing…basically whatever we have available. He gets about a drop of whatever the "dip" is and eats up all his veggies!

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