Celebrating and guests

Yesterday my husband got all of the raised bed bricks off the pallets. Yeah! That was a huge chore. To celebrate we opened a bottle of Archery Summit’s Arcus Estate Pinot Noir. I had my little 4 oz glass – it was so good. Rich even weighed it for me. 
It is hard sticking to this diet with company. My friend Misako came over yesterday for the afternoon. She and I met my freshman year of college – she is a year older, but was still a freshman as she had to take part of the year off for her family. She has been studying lately at the Western Culinary Institute here in Portland.
She and I went to the store for some stuff for dinner. We went to Costco as there was a coupon for some stuff I wanted and it was the last day they were good. We got chicken, lettuce, fresh spinach and canned diced tomatoes for my salsa.
We made chicken with a tomato sauce served on brown rice and a green salad. I weighed my chicken and it was double the serving size – so I cut it in half. We also used my homemade tomato sauce, which is a difficult thing to "count". I used the listing for Italian Tomato sauce to be safe.
Note to self – make tomato sauce with just tomatoes this year.
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