Working on my weight and first movie

I am starting my first day of Weight Watchers today. I went to my first meeting last night and am starting the plan today.
Breakfast is easy – Raisin Bran, Ultra fat free milk and blue berries.
Lunch may be hard as I am going to Dad and Judi’s.
For dinner I am thinking leftover pork with mushrooms, brown rice and lettuce.
This is requiring a bit of planning. I hope it provides results.
The meeting was good. I had read through a lot of the material before, and then when they went through it, it helped a lot. I bought a set of 10 meetings so I can’t just give up before then.
I took Carl to his first movie yesterday, "Curious George."  We went to the 11:30 AM showing, so there were only 3 other families there. Carl didn’t sit still very well. By the end of the movie we had moved to the front and he was running back and forth in front of the screen and then would stop to watch the movie. I think he understood the thought of it. If asked what he did yesterday he says, "Teetee Goge," and when asked who it was he says, "Monee."
I picked up a kids pack at the snack bar. It had juice, fruit snacks and popcorn. He loved it – especially the popcorn, which I do not think he had eaten before.
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