Wedding Registry and the Kitchen

I was recently going through the things in my kitchen – many were gifts that we registered for when we got married almost 3 years ago.
There were some funny stories when we started registering.
We didn’t need everyday stainless, Rich had most of set. Apparently, when he was in his first real house, a co-worker was selling Oneida on the side. Rich’s current silverware was extremely lightweight and cheap, so he wanted something with girth to it. So he picked out a pattern and placed an order. He thought he would get four, then mayve four later. Well unknown to him he only ordered one place setting. For the price he thought he was getting a setting of 4. So he ordered 3 more place settings and used those for several years. He then is visiting me in Denver (not engaged yet) and we were at the mall, where there is an Oneida sale, so he buys 4 more place settings. Turned out he paid full list for the first four settings (ouch). After we got engaged, we stopped at the Onieda outlet in Centralia and picked up a few more pieces (serving set, cocktail forks and iced tea spoon.) It was a lot cheaper buying at the outlet store – we checked the website before we left and got another coupon for more off. We were then chided by my family for buying stuff that could be on the wedding registry.
I set up a lot of the registries on my own, though the websites. We registered through Pampered Chef (I had a friend who was a sales person), Crate and Barrel, Meier & Frank/Foleys, Target and others. We did go in to Meier and Frank and Target, got the guns and walked around zapping what we wanted.
Target was especially fun, as there was more that housewares to pick from. Rich registered for some DVDs. When we were looking at the housewares products, Rich found a small gravyboat that he thought we could get, that way we could use it for just the two of us. I said that if it is just the two of us, the gravy will be in the pan. A woman overheard us and laughed. I later bought us an "everyday" gravy boat – a bit larger. We had used it twice.
The only thing I wished I had researched better were pots and pans. I am discovering there is no one be all brand. Mom gave me some All-Clad, I registered for Pampered Chef’s Professional line and we had some miscellaneous pieces between the two of us.
What I should have done is read Consumer Reports and Cooks Illustrated for their ratings. I am not pleased with Pampered Chef’s attitude about replacing a lifetime guaranty product. The small saucepan WARPED. The company is a bit reluctant to replace it even with a lifetime guaranty.
I will say it is the only product I am not satisfied with. I did break both of my cooking stones, but those were my fault. Some of the gadgets work, others don’t very well.
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